About Columbia Events

Columbia Events was created to bring professionalism back to event bar operations.


Founders Hadyn and Sean had noticed, whilst the rest of the event and hospitality sector were evolving immeasurably, there was a distinct lack of creativity and innovation within the bar operations world. Winding queues, unimaginative tariffs, poor quality drinks, archaic payment systems and rude staff etc.. Meaning event goers and, ultimately, event organisers were paying the price.


Columbia’s mission is to partner with exciting & inspiring event organisers, working collectively to provide attendees with joyful and seamless event experiences. Through in-house, bespoke bar designs to sourcing top-tier event teams, Columbia work tirelessly to innovate and provide an unwavering service and set new industry standards for the future.

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How we operate


We know that an accurate drink range to match the demographic of your event is paramount in delivering a fantastic service. Our team specialises in menu creation to ensure that customers at each event get exactly what they are after, served at the perfect temperature. Our ability to manage assets and stock also increases event profitability to increase revenue to event owners.


We hand-pick experienced and reliable bar staff and use an experienced management team to ensure great onsite delivery. We are firm believers that happy staff make happy customers, which is why Columbia Events deliver bespoke training, competitive employee benefits and operate a fair-wage, inclusive and anti-discrimination policy.  


For onsite delivery and in our day-to-day operations we hold sustainability at the core of what we do and actively seek out new ways to reduce waste and to limit our environmental impact on the planet. This can range from efficiency in our logistics all the way to the suppliers and brand partners we choose to work with.


Columbia Events are able to offer financial reporting service ranging from top line event feedback to in-depth day-to-day financial modelling & full profit and loss accounts. All of which are done in a timely and accurate manner to ensure you get the data and feedback that you require.

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